Social Media Management Certificate Training

Jennifer Gibbs talking about her SM project.

The following participants of the Social Media Management Certificate Program by Martin Brossman & Associates are recognized as having learned the fundamentals of social media management to be able to manage clients’ online presence.

The rigorous fourteen week, forty two hour, project-based program in central North Carolina, required significant home work, online research, plan development and reports.

Each of those who completed all the requirements has received a signed and dated certificate from Martin Brossman & Associates. The certificate acknowledges their determination to learn the many steps of the process, as well as their completion of an online project. It also acknowledges that Martin Brossman & Associates is pleased to recommend them to small businesses and organizations that would like social media assistance.

Social Media Management Certificate Graduates

April 2013

Barbara L. Mooty

Deborah K. Badger

Elisa M. Gabrielli

Jean Fisher

Jennifer S. Gibbs

Social Media Management Certificate Program

Tani Kennedy holding up her Social Media Management Certificate.

Jo Ann Beal

Olga Santo Tomas Monroe

Mary-Beth Anthony-Lindenmuth

Michael A. Copeland

R. Frank Timberlake

Tani Kennedy