Q&A on MB&A’s Social Media Management Certificate Program

The MB&A Social Media Management Certificate Program launched at Central Carolina Community College, through their Continuing Education department in Pittsboro, NC in January 2013. It will also be offered at other locations in the Triangle based on interest and demand. Minimum class size is 8 and maximum is 20. If you’re interested, fill out the forms on the right sidebar, so you can weigh in on location and dates, and we’ll contact you.

Prior to January 2013, in North Carolina,  only Sandhills Community College had a classroom-based Social Media certificate program, called Social Media Manager Certificate Program. Charlotte’s community college has Social Media courses, as does Durham Tech, and probably others.

Central Carolina Community College also launched a Social Media Marketing Certificate Program, a curriculum based online program with five courses over a 12 month period. You must be a student for that program.

There are a few angles that you’ll want to look at social media training from.

What’s your best learning environment? Classroom, online, blended, hands-on lab?
What learning environment is the course taught in?
How knowledgeable are the teachers, and how well do they teach & keep your attention?
Is the class for enrolled students (a curriculum class), or for any students (a continuing education class)?
Do you need community college credit (curriculum class) or just want to learn (continuing education class)?
How much does it cost vis-a-vis the number of hours of training you’re getting?

Here are the questions we address. If you don’t see yours here, please write us using the form on the sidebar, or at info@martinbrossmanandassociates.com.

Who should take this class? 
What will you learn?
Is there an advantage to early registration?
What qualifications are needed?
What’s involved in the Social Media Management [...]

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Social Media Help in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Would you like some social media help? If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina you could attend one of our classes taught at Wake Tech’s Small Business Center, or the Center for Excellence.

Or you could contact us for one on one coaching, small or large group training. We do in-person, and online – where we share a computer screen remotely and are on the phone together.

If you would like the best value around, we’re getting ready to share our most condensed and comprehensive social media training, in a Monday night course during the spring of 2013 in Pittsboro. The low price and the value of what you will learn make a drive worth your time. It’s a social media boot camp of a kind, only you get to learn over time, having time to practice, apply and absorb the content. We’ll have video support for technical aspects of the class. And participants will choose a social media project to work on and get help with during the 14 weeks.

More about the Social Media Management training program: Spring 2013 Social Media Management training program.

If you’re not in driving distance to the Raleigh area, perhaps you’d be interested in our online training program due to launch January 2013 on a wonderful easy-to-use platform.

Social Media is constantly changing, and there’s so much to understand about it in order to feel comfortable and know you’re doing as well as anyone could do. Needing help is not a sign of failure or weakness, it is simply recognition that collaborating with someone else could give you more perspective and clarify what you’re doing and why.

Email info@martinbrossmanandassociates.com with a little bit [...]

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Cost of Social Media Training

What Does Social Media Training Cost?

Social media work is available at all levels from interns, assistants, coordinators, analysts, specialists, managers or directors; both in office and virtually. But how many people have the training and experience to fill the positions? If you don’t have experience, getting training will give you a head start; and the better training programs require you to apply the learning live to gain experience.

What does social media training cost? You have many choices today for Social Media (SM) training. Prices vary from under $40,000 to a couple of hundred dollars, and of course, what they offer varies too, from a Master’s degree to a certificate. Here are some examples.
Master’s degrees in Social Media Related Fields from graduate schools:

— $32,000, if you get accepted, you could get a Master’s Degree in Communications with a Digital Communications concentration from Johns Hopkins.
— $10,000 you can get a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.
Bachelor’s degrees in Social Media or related disciplines of digital marketing or Internet marketing:

— $8,000 you can get a Bachelor’s in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and study Social Media Optimization.
Special or Certificate Programs in Social Media at Universities:
— $5,000 you could get a Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from NYU.
— $4,995 you can attend Rutgers’ Mini MBA(tm): Social Media Marketing.
— $3,000 or less you can get a Certificate in Social Media Technologies and Implementation from the University of Washington.
— $2,200 or less, San Francisco State’s Social Media Marketing Certificate.
Commercial or Non-Academic Social Media Training Programs:
–$4,000 as an estimate, for attending 4 PR News Digital and Social Media Conferences will earn you a PR News [...]

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