Social Media Manager Training in NC

The MB&A Social Media Certificate Program

Martin Brossman & Associates (MB&A) offers an intensive Social Media Management Certificate Program in central North Carolina with an online program in development.

The program teaches a proven method for evaluating prospects and walking them through the Social Media management process to develop a plan and implement an ongoing, value creating, program.

The Social Media Management Certificate Program combines a beginning, intermediate and advanced course in Social Media for Business, with our proprietary 9 Phase Method for developing social media programs (research, interviews, plan development…) for clients (or your own business).

The course uses blended learning with classroom sessions over a 3+ month period, and videos and online content and resources support.
Learn about current Social Media Certificate training at
First class in RTP was offered March 2013, Pittsboro. A Spring Social Media Management Certificate Program will be offered starting March 2013 on Thursday nights 6 – 9 pm in downtown Pittsboro. Only 11 seats available. Fee $275 for a 14 week 42 hour course.


Social Media Training near Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Central Carolina Community College is offering its 1st Social Media Management Certificate Program though its Continuing Education department.

Martin Brossman & Associates, (for this program, Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha), is offering a very comprehensive social media management training program, at bargain basement rates, through  within the Professional Development offerings. For under $277, you will get 14 classes, 3 hours each, taking you from start to advanced social media concepts and practice from January through April, on Monday nights 6 – 9 pm.

Meet the developers and trainers of this Social Media Management Training program:

Key questions you may have are answered below.

Anora McGaha has been managing social media and Internet marketing for local micro and small businesses in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) since 2008. And Martin Brossman has been using social media and training people on social media for business success since 2006. He has taught throughout the state of North Carolina, and is know for his dynamic teaching style.

Together, Anora McGaha and Martin Brossman have developed this 4 part Social Media Management training program. They also have an online program on the advanced aspects of being a Social Media Manager.
The first 10 people to register before December 19 who email us, will get a paperback copy of our book.
To Register call CCCC Con. Ed: (919) 545-8044

Register Early

The first 10 participants who 1) Register by Wednesday December 19, and 2) email the instructors at will be sent a paperback copy of Social Media for Business, by Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha, a 255 page book.

You will be invited to the Google+ community for the course with pre-class resources to get you started on the right track.

Who should take this class? 

Students who want to be [...]

Social Media Manager Training near RTP, North Carolina

Social Media related jobs continue to grow. More people need to be trained in social media for business to fill the jobs that are posted, and the many that have yet to be created.

Where do you find social media jobs? You can find them formally posted on on online job board sites like

Here are a few links:’s Social Media Strategist positions.

Simply Hired’s social media marketing jobs.

There are also less formal job sites like Craigslist. Look for  “social media” in Raleigh Jobs on

And, contract job sites, like and Here’s a link: social media marketing jobs on

See the New Social Media Management Certification website website and current training:

There are hundreds of other opportunities that haven’t been posted anywhere, but if you get out and talk with small business owners, they’ll tell you about their challenges, and you may be able to get a contract helping them out online.

Although a whole generation of people has been raised on computers, mobile devices and Facebook, that doesn’t mean this younger generation has the business savvy or know-how to manage a business’ social media and Internet marketing presence from definition to hand-off. It’s not something one is born with, and businesses vary too much industry to industry to be readily handled simply by someone who has been on Facebook since 2004. Maybe if they are marketing to their peers, but if they are marketing to Baby Boomers, you’re likely to see a big disconnect.

To be a social media manager, you need to be able to evaluate a company’s position, learn enough about the company to develop an initial online strategy, and then proceed with doing all the steps to prepare a dynamic plan for a quality online [...]

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