There are many resources for you when you’re looking for business marketing help. Below, we list a number of the in-person business marketing help resources in the Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill area. Which ones have you already explored?
In-Person Business Marketing Help
Score in Raleigh or Chapel Hill where retired executives share their experience to help your business succeed.
North Carolina’s Small Business Centers, connected to North Carolina’s extensive community college system, where you can take practical business classes for free.
Team Nimbus where you can team up in a results oriented environment led by savvy business professionals. where you can get powerful training in online marketing and valuable online exposure, in addition to in-person networking opportunities.
Meetups for Business Marketing – these run the gamut and are definitely a resource to  check into.
BNI (Business Networking International) – this is one of the more expensive opportunities for business marketing help, but thousands swear by it. BNI offers highly organized business networking groups focused on results.
The Triangle American Marketing Association is the local office of the famous AMA, the association for the marketing profession. They offer classes and networking opportunities.
You can also choose classes at the local universities and colleges. You can enroll as a part time student, or take continuing education classes, but a brief survey of the continuing education programs at several of these didn’t show this as an easy-to-pursue option.
University and College Continuing Education
UNC Chapel Hill continuing education in marketing seems focused on Executive Education. They do have part-time student study options though.
Duke Continuing Education has a great variety of programs, but we didn’t see any focused on business marketing.
North Carolina Central [...]