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Social Media Management Certificate Program

Starting January 14, 2013, in Chatham County, at Central Carolina Community College’s Pittsboro Campus, social media trainers, Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha will be teaching a 14 week Monday night class through the spring (January 14th to April 29th – except Jan 21 and Apr 1), 6PM to 9PM). Registration is open now until the class starts, but there is limited seating, so the earlier you reserve your spot, the better.
Fall 2013 Social Media Management Certificate Program August 14, 2013. Classes will be held on Monday evenings from 6-9 pm through December 14. Investment $395.00  Limited seats, learn more:
Meet the developers and trainers of this Social Media Management Training program, Anora McGaha and Martin Brossman:

Martin Brossman has been using social media since 2006; Anora McGaha, since 2008. Their experience is varied and rich and their teaching is focused on what you need to know to grow business – drive revenue – increase sales.

Martin Brossman is dedicated to helping North Carolina thrive through focusing on empowering micro and small business owners  with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to grow their business in these challenging economic times. He’s a sought-after trainer across North Carolina. Visit NC Small Business Training where you can learn more about his trainings across the state.

Anora McGaha is a writer and social media manager, known for helping people learn with a can-do attitude, clear explanations and visual aids. She has managed half a dozen business and non-profit social media programs for several years, and done extensive research on search.

Here’s a flyer about the training program. Please feel free to download it and forward it to others or to post it in appropriate places.

The first [...]

Social Media Manager Training near RTP, North Carolina

Social Media related jobs continue to grow. More people need to be trained in social media for business to fill the jobs that are posted, and the many that have yet to be created.

Where do you find social media jobs? You can find them formally posted on on online job board sites like

Here are a few links:’s Social Media Strategist positions.

Simply Hired’s social media marketing jobs.

There are also less formal job sites like Craigslist. Look for  “social media” in Raleigh Jobs on

And, contract job sites, like and Here’s a link: social media marketing jobs on

See the New Social Media Management Certification website website and current training:

There are hundreds of other opportunities that haven’t been posted anywhere, but if you get out and talk with small business owners, they’ll tell you about their challenges, and you may be able to get a contract helping them out online.

Although a whole generation of people has been raised on computers, mobile devices and Facebook, that doesn’t mean this younger generation has the business savvy or know-how to manage a business’ social media and Internet marketing presence from definition to hand-off. It’s not something one is born with, and businesses vary too much industry to industry to be readily handled simply by someone who has been on Facebook since 2004. Maybe if they are marketing to their peers, but if they are marketing to Baby Boomers, you’re likely to see a big disconnect.

To be a social media manager, you need to be able to evaluate a company’s position, learn enough about the company to develop an initial online strategy, and then proceed with doing all the steps to prepare a dynamic plan for a quality online [...]

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Cost of Social Media Training

What Does Social Media Training Cost?

Social media work is available at all levels from interns, assistants, coordinators, analysts, specialists, managers or directors; both in office and virtually. But how many people have the training and experience to fill the positions? If you don’t have experience, getting training will give you a head start; and the better training programs require you to apply the learning live to gain experience.

What does social media training cost? You have many choices today for Social Media (SM) training. Prices vary from under $40,000 to a couple of hundred dollars, and of course, what they offer varies too, from a Master’s degree to a certificate. Here are some examples.
Master’s degrees in Social Media Related Fields from graduate schools:

— $32,000, if you get accepted, you could get a Master’s Degree in Communications with a Digital Communications concentration from Johns Hopkins.
— $10,000 you can get a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.
Bachelor’s degrees in Social Media or related disciplines of digital marketing or Internet marketing:

— $8,000 you can get a Bachelor’s in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and study Social Media Optimization.
Special or Certificate Programs in Social Media at Universities:
— $5,000 you could get a Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from NYU.
— $4,995 you can attend Rutgers’ Mini MBA(tm): Social Media Marketing.
— $3,000 or less you can get a Certificate in Social Media Technologies and Implementation from the University of Washington.
— $2,200 or less, San Francisco State’s Social Media Marketing Certificate.
Commercial or Non-Academic Social Media Training Programs:
–$4,000 as an estimate, for attending 4 PR News Digital and Social Media Conferences will earn you a PR News [...]

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Social Media Training in Raleigh, NC

There’s always more to learn about Social Media. That would be true, even if each of the online sites weren’t changing weekly. Many of you have already learned a lot about it, but applying it is always a challenge. One needs to have some general principles to work with and then experiment and learn from what happens.

Social Media Training comes under many different names. Social Media Management Training, Social Media Marketing Training, Digital Media Training. And the scope of the training differs greatly depending on the amount of time, the audience, and goals.

Are you figuring out which training may be helpful to you; What your budget is; Whether you want in person classes or virtual classes (by video or with live webinars)?

Martin Brossman & Associates based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a Social Media Training Program, with two parts: A beginning, intermediate and advanced course in Social Media; followed by a Social Media Manager training, which teaches you about applying it as a business, whether it’s your job, part of your job, or you want to be a consultant or contract social media manager.
See the New Social Media Management Certification website website and current training:
We have in person class starting in Pittsboro, NC at Central Carolina Community College in January 2013, and we are completing our online training program site which will be available at the time as well.

The in-person training program is 14 weeks, 42 hours, Monday nights between 6 pm and 9 pm. It is not computer based, you will need to do your home work online outside of class. The purpose of the class is to enable you to strategically create and manage a full social media program for a [...]

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Martin Brossman Leads Short Question – Short Answer Micro Business Forum

On the last friday of every month, the Come On Inside small and micro business networking organization called “Inside919” gets together at the Business Networking Center in Cary for Final Friday.

Every month there’s a special topic of value to help small and micro business owners succeed in their businesses.

Martin Brossman is the director of training for the Come On Inside networks which span the United States and are organized by area codes.

Today’s discussion was “52 Questions” using the “Short Question, Short Answer” format the evolved from organizational and leadership development consultant, Dr. Thomas Grigg’s Novice Game.

Martin Brossman facilitated the “Final Friday” with questions suggested by the inside919 community prior to the event, and with some that arose during the session. Come On Inside founder, Pat Howlett interjected now and again, with key insights about small business success.

“The economic recovery is not going to come from on high,” said Howlett, “it’s going to come from micro business owners like you and me, doing things exactly like this, learning to help each other succeed in business.”

After the event, one new participant on Inside919 said, “One word sums it up, “Value”, there was so much value in this meeting. It exceeded the value I got from a high dollar consulting session.”

The community training focuses on how to build real and respectful business relationships, learning how not to promote, but instead to share on genuine value and experience. Based on what participants said in an end of session wrap-up, we are on the right track!

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Martin Brossman & Associates Team Provides Social Media for Raleigh’s Big Bad Ball

2011 is the year of the 10th Annual Big Bad Ball in support of Hospice of Wake County.

Martin Brossman & Associates is providing the social media for this memory-making charity event in Raleigh at the Capital City Club. As Martin Brossman Associates, the team is made up of Martin Brossman, Angel Lebak, Anora McGaha and Cramer Gallimore.

Cramer Gallimore of Cramer Gallimore Photography Studio is providing the video prior to the event, and photography during the event. Angel Lebak of Assistant Angel and Anora McGaha of ClearSight Creative Resources are collaborating on social media on Facebook and Twitter and a blog for the event.

Two photo videos are currently posted on the Big Bad Ball YouTube Channel for viewing, one on Hospice of Wake County, and the other on the Sponsors of the Big Bad Ball as of August 1, 2011.

Video content from a live shoot by Cramer Gallimore and Martin Brossman with Hospice of Wake County’s  VP of Development, Michael Blanchard, is in the editing phase. Subscribe to the YouTube channel as get email notification when it’s up.

“I’m all for hospice,” Martin Brossman says. “And I’m all for Hospice of Wake County.”

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