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    Martin Brossman & Associates Social Media Management Certificate Graduates

Martin Brossman & Associates Social Media Management Certificate Graduates

The 14 week, 42 hour intensive Social Media Management Certificate Program ended its first session on April 29, 2013. Eleven participants completed all the required documents and homework to demonstrate proficiency in the nine phases that Martin Brossman & Associates teaches. A number of participants had outside situations that made it hard to complete the intensive program – elder family members, young children, new jobs, other training.

During the last class on April 29, 2013, we reviewed the 13 weeks of training, heard the last participant’s presentation, and had an awards ceremony. A photographer courtesy of David Williams documented their accomplishment and our trek together.

April 2013 The following is the core people that choose to fully complete the Certificated Program.

Barbara L. Mooty on LinkedIn





Deborah K. Badger on LinkedIn






Elisa M. Gabrielli on LinkedIn





Jean Fisher on G+


Jennifer S. Gibbs on Linkedin






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Mary-Beth Anthony-Lindenmuth on LinkedIn






Michael A. Copeland on LinkedIn

R. Frank Timberlake

Tani Kennedy

Congratulations to our Certificate recipients, and we also congratulate and appreciate everyone who hung in the class and continued to participate.

Martin Brossman & Associates

Introduction to Social Media for Artists & Small Business

Social Media Training in Pittsboro, NC
The Social Media Management Certificate Program that began in January at Central Carolina Community College is a challenging course geared to give participants real, practical, roll-up-your-sleeves and get-the-job-done knowledge, skills and experience. Martin Brossman & Associates’ program was developed through paid client work developing and managing social media programs for small businesses, and a mix of paid and pro-bono work on events, non-profits and communities. The certificate of completion is offered by Central Carolina Community College for the continuing education course, and participants who demonstrate competency in how to develop and manage a social media program, will get a certificate from Martin Brossman & Associates, showing that we will be recommending them to clients.

Not everybody wants to add social media management to their services, many people just want to know how to use it for their own creative endeavors, non-profits or micro-business initiatives. So Anora McGaha developed a shorter version, a non-certificate course.
9 Week Intro to Social Media Course Held in Pittsboro NC
A shorter course focused on doing social media marketing for yourself or your small business started in  April 2013, Tuesday nights at the Joyful Jewel on Hillsborough Street in downtown Pittsboro, North Carolina, taught by one of MB&A’s associates.
Future Introductory Social Media Programs in NC
Martin Brossman leads a variety of introductory (and many advanced) courses in social media for business. He has 3 hour versions, and 18 hour versions, and can develop any variation needed.

Subscribe to his newsletter, and follow his Facebook Page to find out when his next courses are.
Future Social Media Management Certificate Programs in NC
Future programs will be offered based on [...]

Social Media Certificate Program to Be Offered in Pittsboro and Raleigh

Martin Brossman & Associates’ Social Media Management Certificate Program to start new courses in Pittsboro and Raleigh North Carolina in 2013.

Following the launch of the 14 week 42 hour curriculum at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro in January 2013, Martin Brossman & Associates is expanding the reach of their Social Media Management Certificate Program.

Martin Brossman & Associates has a proven approach and process and is stepping up to participate with many dozens of government, private and non-profit organizations in the critical work of arming people in the essential knowledge, languages, cultures and skills of Social Media and the Internet. It is the equivalent of ensuring that every child learns to read, and has pre-school opportunities, only this is for adults. The Internet and Social Media are that new frontier in communications that now must be required learning.

New Blended Learning Social Media Management Certificate Courses offered in Pittsboro and Raleigh, North Carolina:

Pittsboro. Starting March: Thursdays 6 – 9 pm. Instructor: Anora McGaha. 14 weeks.

Raleigh. Starting June: Saturdays 9 – 1 pm. Instructors: Martin Brossman & Anora McGaha 10 weeks.

Based on a nine phase approach and incorporating a live social media project on their own or someone else’s business, participants will get a thorough training in the fundamental practices of Social Media Management. Those who demonstrate a mastery of what is taught in a way that gives Martin Brossman & Associates confidence to recommend them to a client, will be awarded a certificate.

Email with any questions or to be added.

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The MB&A Social Media Certificate Program

Martin Brossman & Associates (MB&A) offers an intensive Social Media Management Certificate Program in central North Carolina with an online program in development.

The program teaches a proven method for evaluating prospects and walking them through the Social Media management process to develop a plan and implement an ongoing, value creating, program.

The Social Media Management Certificate Program combines a beginning, intermediate and advanced course in Social Media for Business, with our proprietary 9 Phase Method for developing social media programs (research, interviews, plan development…) for clients (or your own business).

The course uses blended learning with classroom sessions over a 3+ month period, and videos and online content and resources support.
Learn about current Social Media Certificate training at
First class in RTP was offered March 2013, Pittsboro. A Spring Social Media Management Certificate Program will be offered starting March 2013 on Thursday nights 6 – 9 pm in downtown Pittsboro. Only 11 seats available. Fee $275 for a 14 week 42 hour course.


Social Media Certificate Program Classes Forming

Martin Brossman & Associates’ Social Media Management Certificate Program is currently offered as a 3+ monthly weekly program that integrates social media management, with social media and Internet sites training, and a social media management project. It is an intensive program.

It will be offered again in the spring and summer, 2013, as people express their interest. Let us know what your preferences are, and your contact information, and we will get back to you about class possibilities.  (You can also help by letting us know your experience level in this online questionnaire.)

The program can be offered in Central North Carolina: Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, Morrisville and more.

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Q&A on MB&A’s Social Media Management Certificate Program

The MB&A Social Media Management Certificate Program launched at Central Carolina Community College, through their Continuing Education department in Pittsboro, NC in January 2013. It will also be offered at other locations in the Triangle based on interest and demand. Minimum class size is 8 and maximum is 20. If you’re interested, fill out the forms on the right sidebar, so you can weigh in on location and dates, and we’ll contact you.

Prior to January 2013, in North Carolina,  only Sandhills Community College had a classroom-based Social Media certificate program, called Social Media Manager Certificate Program. Charlotte’s community college has Social Media courses, as does Durham Tech, and probably others.

Central Carolina Community College also launched a Social Media Marketing Certificate Program, a curriculum based online program with five courses over a 12 month period. You must be a student for that program.

There are a few angles that you’ll want to look at social media training from.

What’s your best learning environment? Classroom, online, blended, hands-on lab?
What learning environment is the course taught in?
How knowledgeable are the teachers, and how well do they teach & keep your attention?
Is the class for enrolled students (a curriculum class), or for any students (a continuing education class)?
Do you need community college credit (curriculum class) or just want to learn (continuing education class)?
How much does it cost vis-a-vis the number of hours of training you’re getting?

Here are the questions we address. If you don’t see yours here, please write us using the form on the sidebar, or at

Who should take this class? 
What will you learn?
Is there an advantage to early registration?
What qualifications are needed?
What’s involved in the Social Media Management [...]

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Directions to Central Carolina Community College

NC Authors of Social Media for Business, Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha taught their 3 month intensive classroom-based Social Media Management Certificate Program at Central Carolina Community College, through Continuing Education.

Where exactly is Central Carolina Community College? Central Carolina CC has several campuses. Here is a map to the Pittsboro Campus.

This Google Map below shows the directions to Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro from a dozen towns in the area.

View Central Carolina Comm College in Pittsboro, NC in a larger map


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Social Media Help in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Would you like some social media help? If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina you could attend one of our classes taught at Wake Tech’s Small Business Center, or the Center for Excellence.

Or you could contact us for one on one coaching, small or large group training. We do in-person, and online – where we share a computer screen remotely and are on the phone together.

If you would like the best value around, we’re getting ready to share our most condensed and comprehensive social media training, in a Monday night course during the spring of 2013 in Pittsboro. The low price and the value of what you will learn make a drive worth your time. It’s a social media boot camp of a kind, only you get to learn over time, having time to practice, apply and absorb the content. We’ll have video support for technical aspects of the class. And participants will choose a social media project to work on and get help with during the 14 weeks.

More about the Social Media Management training program: Spring 2013 Social Media Management training program.

If you’re not in driving distance to the Raleigh area, perhaps you’d be interested in our online training program due to launch January 2013 on a wonderful easy-to-use platform.

Social Media is constantly changing, and there’s so much to understand about it in order to feel comfortable and know you’re doing as well as anyone could do. Needing help is not a sign of failure or weakness, it is simply recognition that collaborating with someone else could give you more perspective and clarify what you’re doing and why.

Email with a little bit [...]

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Social Media Training near Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Central Carolina Community College is offering its 1st Social Media Management Certificate Program though its Continuing Education department.

Martin Brossman & Associates, (for this program, Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha), is offering a very comprehensive social media management training program, at bargain basement rates, through  within the Professional Development offerings. For under $277, you will get 14 classes, 3 hours each, taking you from start to advanced social media concepts and practice from January through April, on Monday nights 6 – 9 pm.

Meet the developers and trainers of this Social Media Management Training program:

Key questions you may have are answered below.

Anora McGaha has been managing social media and Internet marketing for local micro and small businesses in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) since 2008. And Martin Brossman has been using social media and training people on social media for business success since 2006. He has taught throughout the state of North Carolina, and is know for his dynamic teaching style.

Together, Anora McGaha and Martin Brossman have developed this 4 part Social Media Management training program. They also have an online program on the advanced aspects of being a Social Media Manager.
The first 10 people to register before December 19 who email us, will get a paperback copy of our book.
To Register call CCCC Con. Ed: (919) 545-8044

Register Early

The first 10 participants who 1) Register by Wednesday December 19, and 2) email the instructors at will be sent a paperback copy of Social Media for Business, by Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha, a 255 page book.

You will be invited to the Google+ community for the course with pre-class resources to get you started on the right track.

Who should take this class? 

Students who want to be [...]

Business Marketing Help in the Triangle

There are many resources for you when you’re looking for business marketing help. Below, we list a number of the in-person business marketing help resources in the Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill area. Which ones have you already explored?
In-Person Business Marketing Help
Score in Raleigh or Chapel Hill where retired executives share their experience to help your business succeed.
North Carolina’s Small Business Centers, connected to North Carolina’s extensive community college system, where you can take practical business classes for free.
Team Nimbus where you can team up in a results oriented environment led by savvy business professionals. where you can get powerful training in online marketing and valuable online exposure, in addition to in-person networking opportunities.
Meetups for Business Marketing – these run the gamut and are definitely a resource to  check into.
BNI (Business Networking International) – this is one of the more expensive opportunities for business marketing help, but thousands swear by it. BNI offers highly organized business networking groups focused on results.
The Triangle American Marketing Association is the local office of the famous AMA, the association for the marketing profession. They offer classes and networking opportunities.
You can also choose classes at the local universities and colleges. You can enroll as a part time student, or take continuing education classes, but a brief survey of the continuing education programs at several of these didn’t show this as an easy-to-pursue option.
University and College Continuing Education
UNC Chapel Hill continuing education in marketing seems focused on Executive Education. They do have part-time student study options though.
Duke Continuing Education has a great variety of programs, but we didn’t see any focused on business marketing.
North Carolina Central [...]

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